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Modular Industrial Buildings

Montech provides design-build services to a vast number of energy sector projects in the form of industrial process cooling and ventilation in electrical buildings.

Recreational Facility

This 160,000 square foot expansion to the existing recreation center included two new ice surfaces, two field houses, a fitness area, youth centre and administrative support facilities. Within the mechanical scope of work was the addition of a new ice plant for the two arena surfaces. Modernization of certain areas within the existing facility was also part of the expansion project. Low grade heat was scrubbed from the refrigeration plant to provide efficient use of energy in building terminal heating equipment.

Laboratory Facility

This project was a Level 3 Laboratory fit out within an occupied research and educational facility. Highly sophisticated mechanical systems included ABSA registered high pressure steam, laboratory gas, demineralized water and acid waste system installations. Stringently controlled ventilation systems with HEPA filtration were required for many pressure sensitive areas with multiple fume hoods in operation.

Modular Fabrication Yard

This industrial, modular construction fabrication facility for the energy sector is comprised of over 200,000 square feet of indoor module fabrication. The indoor fabrication environment will eliminate the effects of Alberta weather on time sensitive schedules and project budgets. Industrial ventilation for the extensive welding and fabrication activities was provided to maintain safe working conditions for occupants within this facility. Large compressed air demands were met using three 175 hp rotary screw air compressors with 8” diameter piping mains throughout the entire facility.

Non Process Facilities

Administration/Control Building (LEED Gold), Fire Hall/Maintenance Building and Reactor Assembly Building. The heart of the oil upgrader plant, the Control Room, was built to a G1 environment in accordance with ISA Standards using an activated carbon filtration system to condition the outdoor air. Chilled glycol computer air conditioning units were implemented to cool the control and server room spaces.

Distribution Logistics Facility

This state of the art 700,000 square foot distribution centre and office facility was constructed to centrally warehouse inventory for distribution to satellite locations throughout the province. Unlike most warehousing facilities that use mid-efficient, natural gas-fired unit heaters for maintaining building indoor temperatures, this facility incorporated high-efficient natural gas-fired heating boilers and circulated heating water and heating glycol to unit heaters and outdoor air fan coils located throughout the expansive warehousing area.

Recreational Facility

This multi-use sports venue with over 100,000 square feet of building area included badminton courts, an indoor field house, conference, banquet, administration and support areas and provides all amenities to support a performance football field and baseball stadium. Mechanical systems for this LEED Gold Certified facility is comprised of high efficient hydronic heating and ventilation systems. Radiant floor heating, energy metering, low water use plumbing fixtures and a solar wall to preheat incoming, outdoor ventilation air are some of the mechanical LEED initiates incorporated into the project.

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